Vacation Camps- Ages 4-6 & 6-16

School is out and camp is in session! Join us at Manchester’s Winter Playground and learn for a day, a week or add to your weekly lessons. 

Vacation Camps and Lessons will be listed in the Fall of 2024.

5-Day Lessons- Age 4-6

Little Macs Program:

Program Cost:

5-Day Lessons- Age 6-16

Mighty Macs Program:

Mighty Macs Program:

Snowboard class

Mighty Mac Feb Vacation Day Camp
Ages 6-12

N.H. February Vacation Day Camp:

Cost for February Vacation Day Camp:

ski lessons

Single Day Camps - Ages 6-12

Cost for Single Day Camps:

MacPac rail jam grom winners

Class schedules, times, and pricing are subject to change. Christmas Vacation Deadline is December 21st, 2023 at 9am. February vacation deadline is February 22, 2024 at 9am. $20 late fee if registration is allowed after the deadline. No refunds. Non-transferrable. McIntyre Ski Area will provide a make up day if class is canceled due to inclement weather. No make up classes are permitted if the individual cancels or can not attend the scheduled or re-scheduled class. 

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